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📺Paul Berton talks Shopomania with TVO’s Steve Paikin
on The Agenda, 23 minutes
(November 2022)

🎙Paul Berton talks Shopomania on the Lean Out Podcast with Tara Henley, 30 minutes (November 2022)

📺Paul Berton talks Shopomania with Annette Hamm
at CHCH-TV, 6 minutes 
(November 2022)

📰Shop til we drop? Paul Berton’s new book ‘Shopomania’ catches all the action, by Jeff Mahoney, The Spectator (October 2022)

📰Stuff of childhood started Paul Berton’s path to book on shopping, by Jennifer Bieman, The London Free Press (October 2022)

📰If you can’t talk about it, is it really shopping? New book explores the language of consumerism, The Toronto Star (October 2022)

📰The perfect tree isn’t what counts, The Spectator (December 2022)

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